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Giethoorn, the “Venice of the North” captivates with its idyllic canals and thatched-roof cottages, where boats replace cars. Meanwhile, Zaanse Schans is a living museum near Amsterdam, where historic windmills, traditional crafts, and Dutch culture come alive. Together, they offer a unique journey through the Netherlands’ enchanting past and serene beauty, leaving indelible memories of Dutch heritage.


Giethoorn – Known as the Dutch Venice, a village where there are no cars, you can only move around in the village in a boat, Giethoorn is a water region village in the northern part of Overijssel, in the municipality of Steenwijkerland in the Dutch province of Overijssel and lies between Steenwijk and Meppel. Giethoorn was an independent municipality until 1973. It then became part of the municipality of Brederwiede together with Wanneperveen, Blokzijl and Vollenhove.
Enjoy the canals with a one hour boat cruise and take a walk through the village. See all the presence, and discover all about the past, you sail through the picturesque canals of Giethoorn along the thatched farmhouses and houses and over the lake which is created by peat digging and is therefore only 1 meter deep.

Leave by 14:30 Hours

Next we drive to the beautiful The Zaanse Schans is a neighborhood with historic wooden buildings in the municipality of Zaanstad. It is located on the Zaan, opposite the village of Zaandijk and next to the Juliana Bridge. It is a well-known tourist destination with original Wind Mills, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year: in 2017, 2.2 million.

Finish by 18:00 Hours

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